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We work with SimplyBiz to ensure we provide a great service to you as a member of SimplyBiz.

We also work very close with the FCA to ensure any legislative changes are included in the software quickly, as well as providing direct submission of your report to the FCA.

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“I cannot imagine how a firm can work without MyGabriel. It’s an invaluable piece of software which makes life so much easier” - Ravi Pandya, Director of Chancery Wall FS
“MyGabriel without a doubt saves me time and money – I charge an hourly fee and the more time I spend on administration the less time I can charge my clients – I absolutely love MyGabriel.” - Denese Molyneux, Chartered Financial Planner and Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner of Molyneux Financial Planning

MyGabriel doesn’t just offer a solution for your Gabriel Report, it’s bookkeeping software too.

You don’t have to be a financial whizz to take control of your Gabriel Report and your firm’s finances with MyGabriel – no experience needed.

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My Gabriel Bookkeeping Features
My Gabriel Bookkeeping Features


£490 per year or £49 per month (inc VAT)
Clients of SimplyBiz : £260 per year or £26 per month (inc VAT)

For more information, call 0161 413 5070 or visit the dedicated MyGabriel page on the SimplyBiz website.

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